Middle school

Current Assignments
Monday  11/13/17  Matter notes part 2.  Correct Atom packet and hand in.  Grades / papers and folder clean out. 

Tuesday 11/14/17  Nova: Treasures of the Earth / STEAM field trip in the afternoon.

Wednesday 11/15/17  Physical / Chemical Change lab

Thursday 11/16/17 No School Staff Development

Friday  11/17/17  Matter Quiz (morning hours) 
Mineral Observation:  Write down the name of each mineral and any observations you can about each in your notebook.
 School Play afternoon. 


Monday 11/20/17 
Read Pgs 43 - 48 as a class.  Complete mineral observation from Friday in your notebook.

Tuesday  11/21/17 
Mineral properties notes / mineral hardness test video and practice 
Thanksgiving Break

Monday  11/27/17  Complete the hardness test for each mineral.  Begin finding the color and streak and write those in your notes. 

Tuesday 11/28/17  Luster / breakage review.    Continue finding hardness, color and streak.  Use your notes and examples to add luster and breakage to your notes. 

Wednesday 11/29/17  Quarry Hill Karst

Thursday 11/30/17  Quarry Hill Karst day 2

Friday 12/1/17  Read pgs. 50-57.  Answer questions 1-5 on pg. 57 and hand in.  Complete and correct information about all 30 minerals.

Monday 12/4/17  Mineral Practice test / flow chart.  Complete and hand in pg.57 Qs 1-5.

Tuesday 12/5/17 Mineral properties quiz.  Mineral Uses Worksheet (Google classroom - Geology section.)

Wednesday 12/6/17 Practice Test / complete mineral uses worksheet.  

Thursday 12/7/17  Mineral test review

Friday 12/8/17  Mineral test

Monday 12/11/17  Complete mineral test, Parts of an experiment notes

Tuesday 12/12/17 Lab Safety, Begin Supervolcano

Wednesday 12/13/17  Supervolcano day 2

Thursday 12/14/17 Complete Supervolcano  Crystal Lab intro.

Friday 12/15/17  Crystal Lab question, hypothesis, procedure writing.

12/18/17  Crystal Lab solution making

12/19/17  Crystal Lab day 2. 

12/20/17  Rock Cycle Diagram



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