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Current Assignments
Monday 1/29/18  New Seats,  Virtual Earthquake Lab 

Upload certificates to google classroom when finished. 

Honors:  Earthquake notes

Tuesday 1/30/18 Complete and hand in Earthquake Lab Read 227-234 answer q's 1-6 on 234. 
Honors:  Earthquake Lab 

Wednesday 1/31/18 Volcano Notes 

Thursday 2/1/18  No School Staff Development Day

Friday 2/2/18  Volcano Research Presentations

Individually or in groups of 2:

Choose a volcano from the list below to research.  Use the web to find out the following information about your volcano and create a Google Slideshow that shares the following information about your volcano:

 A . What type of volcano it is. (Composite cone, cinder cone, shield or caldera)  3 points

 B. Inside Structure of that type of volcano (layers, vent, magma chamber, etc.)  3 points
C.  Outside Features of that type of volcano (craters, cone shape, glaciers, side vents, etc.)  3 points
D.  Types of lava (felsic, mafic, andesitic) and rock types associated with your volcano  2 points
E.  Where in the world your volcano is found and why it is there (type of plate boundary, hot spot?)  3 points
F.  Eruption hazards associated with your type of volcano: lahars? pyroclastic flows?  Gases? landslides? lava rivers?  3 points
G.  Eruption history:  Is your volcano dormant, extinct or active? List of recent eruptions  3 points

H.  Pictures of your volcano and its features / eruption hazards included with your   descriptions  3 points

I.  Information should be in your own words – not copy and pasted. 6 X 6 rule:   Use no more than six words per line and no more than six lines per slide.

3 points

 List the websites and resources that you used to get information.  3 points

Format your sources using the MLA format in your planner. 

Use this website to help format your sources page:

 Volcano List:

Mt. Etna,  Mt. Vesuvius, Paricutin, Mt. St. Helens, Mt.Baker, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Fuji, Mauna Loa, Kilauea, Crater Lake, Mt. Shasta, Krakatau, Soufriere Hills, Mayon, Pinatubo,  Pelee,  Stromboli,  Hekla,  Yellowstone, White Island, Katmai, or any other volcano not on this list. 

 Google Earth Volcano / Earthquake layers:


Monday 2/5/18  Volcano project work day

Tuesday 2/6/18  Work Day 

Wednesday 2/7/18  Work Day, Begin presentations.

Thursday 2/8/18  Quiz:  Earthquakes and Volcanoes  Presentations

Friday 2/9/18    Review Worksheet Answers
Minerals: definition of, streak, hardness, luster, breakage  

Igneous rocks: lava / magma,  grain - crystal size and relation to cooling time.

Plate tectonics: Layers of earth, lithosphere, crust, mantle, inner and outer core, subduction, convergent, divergent, transform boundaries and landforms, plate motion at boundaries. 

Earthquakes and faults.

Volcano types, hazards and relation to lava type.

Review Jeopardy here.

Monday 2/12/18  Geology pt. 1 Test.  Complete volcano presentations after test. 

Tuesday 2/13/18  Neighborhood Drawing:  Draw a top view picture of where water comes from and goes to in your neighborhood.
Be sure to include where drinking water comes from,
where waste water goes,
where run-off goes and
what pollutants get into the water from your neighborhood.

Olmsted County GIS Viewer
Wednesday  2/14/18  Rochester's Floods presentation. Complete and hand in drawings.  

Thursday  2/15/18  Weathering and Erosion notes.  

Friday 2/16/18  Read 115-120 Section review q's 1-7 on 120
Tuesday  2/20/18 

‚ÄčWednesday 2/21/18 Video:  How the Earth was made: Grand Canyon Video KWL.

Thursday 2/22/18 River Erosion notes

Friday 2/23/18  River Age Notes  
Assignment:  Draw a picture of a river going through the different ages.  Draw and label the following features:  Divide, Watershed, Meander, Delta, Cut bank, Point bar, Levee, Oxbow lake, young river, early mature river, late mature river, old age river.  

Monday 2/26/18 Intro to mapping:  Draw an elevation map of the classroom.  Include all counter tops, tables and cabinets.  Make sure you have a key that measures elevation to the nearest cm.  

 Tuesday 2/27/18  Topographic Map Notes, Complete and hand in maps

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