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Current Assignments
Monday 4/9/18 Relative Dating Notes and Worksheet.

Tuesday 4/10/18  8th grade MCA Review Correct Worksheet

Wednesday 4/11/18 MCA Science

Thursday 4/12/18 Staff Development Day

Friday 4/13/18 MCA Science


Monday 4/16/18  Weather Data Collection:  In your notebook, write down the current date, sky conditions, temp, dew point, relative humidity, wind speed and direction.  Continue doing this for the next 5 weeks at the beginning of class.
Absolute Dating Notes  Walking With Dinosaurs

Tuesday 4/17/18  Relative Dating quiz,  Rochester's Geologic History assignment. 

Wednesday 4/18/18  Geologic time research:  Research and create a mini-poster about the time section you select.  Include the following on your poster:  Big earth / life events that occurred then, the Eon, Era and Period (if possible) of your time, a picture about your major event or events. 

Thursday 4/19/18  Research / work day

Friday 4/20/18  Complete and hand in posters. 

  Test Review  Review Jeopardy  Rocks and Geotime Quizlet
Weathering Notes
River Erosion notes  River Ages
Glaciers notes
Igneous Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Groundwater Notes
Geologic Time / Fossil Notes

Rocks and Geologic Time Review

Weathering and Erosion

  • Difference between weathering and erosion

  • Mechanical vs. Chemical weathering

River structures and ages

  • V-shaped valley

  • Meanders, flood plain, Oxbow lake


  • Alpine vs. Continental

  • U-shaped valley

  • Erode and deposit

Sedimentary Rocks-usually need water

  • Clastic: Pebble-sand-silt-clay

  • Chemical-precipitation or evaporation

  • Organic-plant or animal remains

Metamorphic Rocks

  • Temperature and/or pressure

  • Contact or Regional metamorphism

  • Foliated or non-foliated


  • Porosity vs. permeability

  • Saturation, aquifer, water table

Geologic time

  • Relative vs. absolute age

  • Index fossil

  • Superposition and cross-cutting relationships


Monday 4/23/18  Test:  Rocks and Geologic Time

Tuesday 4/24/18  Sublimation Demonstration
Assignment:  Water Cycle Diagram.  Use this webpage to help you draw a picture of the water cycle.

Click here for water cycle website.

Include all arrows on your drawing. Label and define the following words on your drawing. precipitation, infiltration, groundwater storage, evaporation, sublimation, condensation, surface runoff, evapotranspiration and spring. Extra credit for coloring and detail.

Wednesday 4/25/18  Water cycle review. 

Use pgs 512-517 to complete this assignment.
Atmosphere Assignment: Earth's atmospheric gases: Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 21%, 1% Argon, Carbon Dioxide and other gases.

1. Make a pie chart showing the % of gases in our atmosphere. Label each gas and it’s %.

2. Make a drawing of the four main layers of the atmosphere. Label the following for each layer: a) name b) height c) temperature information d) one fact about that layer

3. Define and give an example of each type of heat transfer.

Thursday 4/26/18  Water Cycle Quiz  Complete atmosphere assignment.

Friday 4/27/18  Angle of Insolation Lab

Monday 4/30/18 Complete Lab.  Read 539-542 Answer section review q's 1-5 on 542.

Tuesday 5/1/18  Heating Rate Lab
Design an experiment that answers the following question:
How do heating and cooling rates differ between gravel, soil, sand and water? 

In groups of 1-3 write the question, hypothesis, procedure, changed variable, measured variable, controlled variables, control test and materials list before beginning.

Organize your data in a table and graph it with time on the x axis and temperature on the Y axis.

Don't forget to answer your question and discuss uncontrolled variables and possible connections or extensions in the conclusion section.

Wednesday 5/2/18  Collect data for lab. Graph results and write conclusions.   

Thursday 5/3/18 Complete Lab graphs and conclusions.

Friday 5/4/18  Air Pressure Demo.s  Student Surevey


Monday 5/7/18 Air Pressure Notes  Bill Nye Wind
Tuesday 5/8/18   Wind / Pressure System Notes 

Wednesday 5/9/18  Atmosphere Quiz

Design and perform experiments to test each of the following questions: 
How does wind affect temperature?,
How does evaporation affect temperature? 
What happens to temperature when ice is melted with salt?
What temperature does dew form?
Write a hypothesis, procedure, results and conclusion for each question.

Thursday 5/10/18  Wind / water experiment work time

Friday 5/11/18   Begin properties of water assignment
(Use the
hand out to answer these questions.)
1. Draw and label a water molecule.
2. Draw and label a diagram of water molecules changing phase. Include all three phases and where heat is added or released and the name of the phase change process. (example – freezing)
3. How does sweat cool you?
4. What happens to the amount of water vapor air can hold as air temperature changes?
5. What is relative humidity?
6. What is latent heat?
7. Why does temperature decrease when ice is melted with salt?
8. What two things does dew point tell you?
Monday 5/14/18   Discuss lab / Correct properties of water assignment.

Tuesday 5/15/18  Cloud Notes/ Demonstration 
Read pgs 555-559 3-2-1 Clouds
3) Describe the 3 main types of clouds.
2) Name two types of clouds that create rain.
1) Explain how altitude affects what clouds are made of.

Wednesday  5/16/18 Air Mass Notes Isobars Worksheet
Thursday 5/17/18  Notes: Fronts,Weather Station reading.  Download map here.

Friday 5/18/18  Cloud Quiz  Weather Maps / Forecasting assignment. (See Google Classroom)

Monday 5/21/18  Complete and correct Isobars worksheet.  Complete Weather maps and Forecasting assignment. 

Tuesday  5/22/18  Weather map quiz
Severe Weather Introduction,

Wednesday 5/23/18  Severe Weather assignment: 
Draw a diagram of each of the following types of severe weather:
A.  Hurricane  B.  Blizzard  C.  Thunderstorm  D.  Tornado.   Write a definition for each,  a diagram showing how each forms, a weather map showing each type and a list of hazards each bring.  Use 583-592 to help and Weather book pages 111-129 (Thunderstorms)  118 (Tornadoes), 131-149 (Hurricanes),  (Blizzards 100-101) 

Thursday 5/24/18 
Weather Data Graphing assignment:
Individually, create three different graphs that compare at least two types of weather data per graph. Plot the data for each day you recorded.

Title and label each axis and include the units in parentheses.

Write a short paragraph conclusion for each graph.
If a relationship exists, try to explain why. If there is no relationship, try to explain why. Hand in your three graphs, conclusions and raw weather data.

Upload Excel files to Google Classroom when finished.

Friday 5/25/18  Graphing work day

Monday 5/28/18  Memorial Day

Tuesday 5/29/18  Complete and upload graphs
Read 613-634 and answer the following questions in complete sentences as you read:
1. What is climate?
2. How does latitude affect climate?
3. Why does altitude affect climate?
4. How do marine and continental climates differ?
5. Why is the climate of London, England, milder than Rochester even-though London is much further north?
6. What factors influence the climate zone of a region?
7. What is a rain shadow?
8. What natural things can add particles to the atmosphere and cool climate worldwide?
9. What two things are responsible for ice ages?
10. How might global warming affect humans and wildlife?

Wednesday  5/30/18  Correct Climate questions.  Climate Quiz

Thursday 5/31/18  Weather Test Review
Quizlet 1
Quizlet 2
Review Jeopardy

Friday 6/1/18  Weather Test


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