Middle school

Tips for Success
Blue Team Tips for Success

Required Materials. *Planner (to be filled out every class period)
A reading book is required in all classes except music and physical education.
Teachers will discuss their individual requirements in class.

Note: metallic and gel inks can be very difficult to read. We will only accept work done in pencil or blue or black pen.

Preparation. You are expected to be in your desk and ready with the required materials and current assignment at the time class is to begin.

Classroom Behavior. Your responsibilities in class are:
-to fill out the planner at the beginning of class
-to attend class regularly
-to be on time
-to be prepared for class
-to meet deadlines
-to use your time wisely
-to be actively involved as a member of the group
-to have a positive attitude
-to pay attention and not be disruptive

All students are expected to be positive, contributing members of the class. Be polite and respectful of one another.

Absences, Make-up Work, and Late Work. You are expected to make up work missed because of any
absence. Check the board for a summary of the work missed, and get needed handouts. Ask questions if anything needs explanation. Put the information in your planner and write it on your blue absence slip before handing it to the teacher to be signed.

In general, you will have two days for each day of excused absence to make up your assignments.

Work that is not turned in on time will be considered late and will earn no more than half credit. The expiration date on all late homework is Friday—or the end of the week.

The quality of your work and your grade will be higher if you attend class regularly and meet all deadlines.

Dismissal. Please wait for the teacher to dismiss you at the end of class.

Graded Papers and Handouts. Keep all graded papers for reference. You will be expected to have
these materials with you at all times. Periodically during the quarter these papers will be collected and graded for completeness.

Discipline. Please refer to the handout for the wow/whoa policy.

Kellogg ID. Carry your student ID with you at all times for working on the internet, checking out books, and attending after-school activities such as dances.

*Planner. Students are required to have their planners with them at all times. This is important because you need the planner
-to record assignments
-for a hall pass
-for periodic planner checks (might receive a wow or whoa)

Sub Policy. If a substitute teacher leaves the name of a student for having caused problems,
the student will take the following steps:
- meet with the Blue Team teachers
- call a parent to explain what happened
- serve 1 hour detention after school with the teacher
- write a letter of apology to the substitute

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